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"Messaging is the new social media."

- Fred Wilson, Union Square Ventures


Easy custom emoji and GIF keyboards for your brand. A product of Priceless Misc.

You get

  • Custom artwork created by world-class illustrators
  • Analytics to show which emoji are being used, and how
  • Push notifications to tell users about new emoji packs and announcements

From $8,000

Many brands spend $50k or more on custom emoji keyboards. Our platform makes it quick, easy, and affordable.


Join the ranks of Pepsi, Dove, Skittles, even Kim Kardashian and the Pope. Brands and public figures everywhere are reaching millenials with emoji keyboards.

Take our app for the Carolina Panthers: Purrmoji attracted 50,000 users in its first two months alone and continues to grow.

But why?

Messaging apps have surpassed social networks

Digital engagement, especially among millennials, is quickly shifting away from traditional social networks to messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

41.5 billion messages and 6 billion emoji and stickers are sent every day, and your brand's message can be among them.

The inbox is the new home screen

In a world oversaturated with apps, messaging inboxes are becoming people's second home screens.

Custom emoji keyboards are a fun and simple way to meet your audience where they're at - in their messages.

There's untapped opportunity on mobile

There's a huge gap between where and how people spend their time online, and the methods at brands' disposal for reaching them there.

Custom emoji keyboards put your message in the hands of your audience, on the platform they trust the most.